Opening in September: War Games | Paintings, Drawings, Prints of Robert Levers


Featured prints froom the portfolio

Continuing through December 23rd is Flatbed's "Line Sale", an exhibition and sale of many publications and consigned prints. A large variety of very affordable ($50-$500) original etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts are clipped to a cable for easy viewing, and all prices are discounted 20% from the marked prices.


In addition to the Line Sale, Flatbed's regular, featured editions will be on exhibition and available to collectors. These include ALL THE EARLY ETCHINGS of Austin's own Julie Speed, as well as her recent "Bible Studies" series. Also included is the last remaining Flatbed Portfolio, a suite of nine etchings. The Flatbed Portfolio includes rare impressions of prints including Michael Ray Charles' "White Power" and Dan Rizzie's "Aqua Fria." Scroll below to see the nine portfolio images.

Also available are catalogs and monographs of Julie Speed, Terry Allen, James Surls, and others. This is a rare opportunity to acquire art of lasting value for your collection or for gifts for the holidays.


Katherine Brimberry, Mark Smith, and Beatrice Thomas will be on hand to assist you.


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