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JULY 14 - AUGUST 4, 2012
Artist Reception: Saturday, July 14, 2012 6:00-9:00pm

Veronica, a master lithographer, creates images from observation of real people interacting with personal, portable machines such as tablet computers, smart phones and cameras.  She is also inspired by the dense, planographic configuration of the machine's screens.  Her use of graphic shapes and flat colors reminds us of the increased banality of life with the pronounced and heightened presence of these social technologies and information providers.  Ceci's compositions highlight how often these tools distance us from real and meaningful contact with each other and our environment.

Artist Information:
More than half of Veronica's life has been spent printing, starting with a commercial offset apprenticeship program in high school.  After one too many times being reprimanded by traditionalist for creative use of commercial applications, she veered towards the fine arts in college.  In 1999 Veronica graduated with a BFA in Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, being the first in her family to spend that much money on college without becoming a doctor.  The call of the west brought her to New Mexico, where she completed the Tamarind Institute Professional Lithographer program in 2002.  She was pulled  away from the land of enchantment by an artist's residency at the Scoula Internazionale Di Grafica in Venice, Italy.  After spending all her time drawing in church and all her money on green shoes, prosecco and  Fabriano paper she returned to the United States.  Veronica tried many American cities on for size.  Nashville highlighted her complete lack of musical talent, a stint as a New Orleans street performer only garnered enough cash for a tank of gas, and a masterful appearance in Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bills as "Zombie in Window" in Hollywood was completely overlooked by the Academy when Oscar time came around.  In 2004 Veronica came to Austin on a hunch and found it a beacon for paper arts.  She joined WPA ASAP.  Veronica's work was featured in The International Print Center New York's "Best New Work of 2010".  A lust for the mariner's life brought her briefly to Sarasota, Florida where she smelled like a sailor and worked as a picture framer at the Soicher-Marin Gallery.  The entire summer of 2011 was spent in residence in Murano, Venezia, Italia at Venice Printmaking creating monotypes of tourists.  She has recently returned from a week as an invited Artist in Residence at the Experimental Printmaking Institute of Lafayette College in Easton, PA where she will return for another week this August and be featured in a 3 artist show next spring.