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The Photogravures
DECEMBER 3, 2012 - FEBRUARY 2, 2013
January 14, 2013: Reservations for Dinner with Jeff Scott and Chef John Bates of the Noble Pig
Introducing a new vision into the wild heart of the culinary world by Artist Jeff Scott.

From the Artist that created the 2-Volume, 932 page, 18.2 pound 2012 James Beard Foundation Award winning book, Notes From A Kitchen , comes a wild, tactile and personal view into Chefs’ creative thinking.

These enigmatic Photo-polymer gravure works, created at Flatbed Press in Austin during the production of Scott’s groundbreaking book on Chefs’ daily Culinary Obsessions, take the public further into the minds, ideas and daily thought process of Chef Sean Brock, one of todays most forward thinking and innovative chefs.

These gravures focus on the private notebooks, journals and evolving ideas of Chef Brock and take the viewer into a deeper and more psychologically engaging view of his innermost thinking and culinary idea processes.

The etchings are the culminating expression of Scott’s own ongoing creative process, working through ideas by layering visual and textural information, pushing the viewer to uncover more things on their own, and encouraging us to let go of any restrictive ideas about how ideas are initially formed, why they are collected and then obsessively catalogued. It’s the genesis of our ideas and how they are then recorded that Scott is going for with these quietly revealing works.

These hand-made photogravure etchings are being exclusively offered by Flatbed Press and are on exhibit at the Gallery through February 2, 2013.

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