Opening in September: War Games | Paintings, Drawings, Prints of Robert Levers


Installation and works by Judy Youngblood
APRIL 11 - JUNE 7, 2014
Exhibit commences on April 11. Reception for the artist on April 25
April 25, 2014: Reception for Judy Youngblood 6pm - 8pm


Youngblood's work explores the tensions between the daily repetition and sudden changes of human life. I am particularly interested in our human ability to see things as we believe them to be, to misinterpret, to see a partial picture as the whole, or to completely overlook the significant. Youngblood states, "I often use images of weather — rain, snow, clouds, hail, and wind — as visual metaphors for these ideas. My most recent paintings and prints explore the instant of pause just before everything changes — an instant filled with possibility, complexity, opportunity, threat, and humor." The flexibility, layering, repetition, and possible alterations inherent in printmaking are integral to the making of her work and to her creative process.