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Monoprints and Monotypes

AUGUST 18 - DECEMBER 1, 2015
September 18, 2015 6-8pm


Monotyping and Monoprinting are processes favored by many artists for the medium’s visual intensity and for the element of experimentation or surprise the process embodies. 

Monotypes are created most often in a painterly manner, from a blank printing matrix to which ink is applied and manipulated. With the use of a printing press, the ink is transferred from plate to paper, often resulting in serendipitous interactions between the materials used. Monoprints are created in a similar manner but with a matrix containing set visual information that theoretically could be repeated and editioned. The works in this exhibition are striking examples of what the two mediums have to offer, for both the artist and and viewer.

Selected unique impressions by 

Cassandra James
Jules Buck Jones
Samson Mnisi
Larry Scholder
Linda Ridgway