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Texas Bird Project: The Making Of | Reception and VIP Press Tour

Saturday, October 14
2:00 - 3:30 PM
Join Frank X Tolbert 2 and Flatbed Press Director and Senior Master Printer Katherine Brimberry in the Flatbed publishing studio for a conversational "show and tell" about the creation of his monumental series, the Texas Bird Suite.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, Frank X Tolbert 2 started work on eight color etchings of Texas birds.  Etchings are traditionally created by the artist etching images into a copper plate and the plate inked up and printed onto paper.  When a color etching is planned, each image needs a plate for each color.  The Texas Bird Suite, required Tolbert to draw and etch 29 copper plates, with as many as four plates per print.  Frank X Tolbert 2 and  Katherine Brimberry will give the public a rare peak into the press to show the plates and proofs, and will also explain more about the collaboration involved in the development of the Texas Bird etchings. 

Images: (left) detail of Frank applying "white ground" to a copper plate for Chicken Hawk; (right) detail of Chicken Hawk, 2015, multi-plate color intaglio, 30x22" image size, 37x28" paper size, 2015.