On View | New Editions 2017 - 2018 and Digging Deep: From the Flatbed Flat Files


A Suite of New Editions by John Robert Craft 

Thee Fire Etching Suite which consists of ten etchings created from plates that were etched in a furnace at 1800 degrees F. Jack Craft created the plates using cast iron sculpture placed on the mild steel plates and placing the assembly into an industrial furnace where the intense heat eroded the metal. The heat shadows from the sculpture cast “heat shadows” that served to create an image that relates to the three dimensional shape and footing of the sculpture. The suite of etchings include two diptychs, a quartet of images and two horizontal images. Craft chose inks that related to the mild steel and the colors seen through natural degradation of steel.

All ten images from the editions are show here at Craft's Flatbed exhibition. View each etching individually here at his Flatbed listings.