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Brooklyn Rider: Der Blaue Reiter Group to Feature Music of German Expressionist Collective

Looking to give away some tickets! Did you know that Expressionism extended beyond the canvas and into poetry, music, and more? Complement your "Broken Brushes" art experience by winning tickets to "Brooklyn Rider: Der Blaue Reiter," an unexpected evening of inventive music connecting to the Expressionist artist collective, The Blue Rider.

Enter to win tickets to the March 26 by sending us a message through our Facebook page telling us who the artist is that did the print now hanging at Flatbed in the "Broken Brushes" exhibition that shows both a tiger and bear. Go into detail and tell us how the print was was created or what you know about this famous artist. In case we get more than one correct answer, the answer with the most detail describing the artist, work and how it was created will win!

Enter to win tickets to the March 26 performance presented by Texas Performing Arts by leaving a comment about why you would like to attend the concert. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 21. Good luck!



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