"Young Crow Arranging HIs Collection" and "Names Written In Water" are the newest McCleary etchings.

Flatbed Press is proud to announce the release of Mary McCleary's new editions: “Names Written In Water” a 22 5/6” x 28 3/4” photopolymer gravure and “Young Crow Arranging His Collection” a 32 1/4” x 24 1/8” chine collé photopolymer gravure. Mary McCleary has exhibited all over Texas, most recently at the Moody Gallery in Houston. She is in public collections in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, New York, Washington, DC, Illinois and Oklahoma, and is the winner of the Texas Artist of the Year Award in 2011. Come and see Mary’s newest editions at our reception this Friday from 6-8 pm. Also exhibiting is John Robert Craft’s “Scorch and Drag” and Flatbed’s Summer Selections!


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