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Collection Selections

Opening the new gallery at Flatbed is a selection of etchings creating an exhibition of works about turmoil and movement.  Change, movement and the unexpected seem to be what all these works have in common.  Interestingly, Flatbed's move and the turmoil and effort it has taken to transport our archives has inspired our selection of these works which include Judy Youngblood's vibrant etchings, Alice Leora Briggs' pulsating woodcuts, Suzi Davidoff's multi-layered and elaborate "Rio Grande Geology" etchings, Ken Hale's monumental homages to the trees of Poussin, Gainsborough and Constable and Robert Lever's strident masterpried "Victory the Celebration."  We invite you to come and enjoy these works seen anew in our gallery.  Gallery hours have been lengthened to give you plenty of time to visit. 

15 Artworks