Bob Schneider was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and raised in Munich, Germany.  He is well known and revered in Austin, Texas, where he lives, as a singer songwriter and visual artist.  Performing since he was a tot, generally for the amusement of his parents and their friends, Bob gained his first real professional experience while backing his musician father on drums at numerous moonlighting gigs throughout Germany.  He is also a gifted visual artist whose art practice ranges from multi-media collage to etching. 


A friend of mine once told me the secret to getting along in life. He said, 'Never explain yourself." Once again, I'm breaking his rule.

I can tell you a bit about the process of creating the art, though. To begin with I have no idea as to what the work is going to look like when I start. I begin drawing whatever comes to mind. It is very random. It’s also a bit of an adventure. Like traveling into the unknown. I try to make the journey as interesting as I can by using images that scare me or make me laugh or make me think, "What the hell am I thinking?” As the work progresses the images begin to suggest other images and this goes on and on until I feel that it is done (the hardest part is knowing when to stop). As a result, I become rather attached to the work.. This is why printmaking is so appealing. I get to keep a copy for myself.

Bob Schneider

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