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Tom Huck

Missouri artist/printmaker Tom Huck is an independent artist/printmaker with his press Evil Prints in St. Louis, MO. Working with Flatbed Press, Huck's Electric Baloneyland is a co-publication due for release the summer of 2018. This large scale chiaroscuro woodcut depicts the downfall of American culture as played out at a rural county fair, the action of which centers around a lady liberty mermaid's capture at a "noodling" competition. Electric Baloneyland captures the spirit of dark rural satire that Huck has become known for over the last 20 years, while referencing the work of the masters of printmaking from the Middle Ages. Electric Baloneyland is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2017. The first panel of the triptych (pictured) will be accompanied by  additional pieces on either side as well as a panel running along the bottom of the tryptic. The overall size of the 4 paneled piece will measure approximately 9 x 10 feet, making it perhaps one of the largest chiaroscuro woodcuts ever made.

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