Workshop FAQs

For additional information, please contact anna@flatbedpress.com.

How do I sign up for classes at Flatbed?

Class registration can be completed in 2 ways: online with PayPal or by calling Annalise Gratovich at (512) 477 - 9328. Classes which have not met enrollment minimums will be postponed or cancelled. Students are requested to register early to avoid cancellation.


How do I pay for my classes?

Payments may be made by check or credit card. Participants may be asked to pay for additional supply costs incurred on the date of the course. These supplies are listed in the course syllabi and may either be purchased before the workshop or will be available for purchase during the workshop.

Payment by Check: Please make out all checks out to "Flatbed Press". Checks may be mailed to the following address:

Flatbed Press (ATTN: Annalise Gratovich)
2830 East MLK Blvd.
Austin TX 78702

Payment by Card: Credit card payments may be completed securely online through our website or over the phone with our class coordinator Annalise Gratovich. She may be reached at (512) 477-9328.


What should I bring to my workshop?

Flatbed will provide basic materials for each course, but certain material costs may be incurred in addition to class tuition. Additional costs will be outlined in each course's description and syllabus. Plates and paper for certain courses will be available for purchase at Flatbed during the course of the workshop - payments for these materials may be made on class date. Some workshops may also encourage participants to bring their own materials for incorporation into the workshop (ie. collage materials, transparencies of images, etc.). Syllabi will be sent to participants a weekend before the workshop.

Full-day workshops will also include a break for lunch. Students are encouraged to bring their lunch to the class - access to a refrigerator and microwave is available at Flatbed. If students choose not to bring their lunch, there are a few fast food options available in the area.


Are refunds available if I am unable to attend a workshop?

Students choosing not to attend the workshop for which they are registered must give notice 14 days before the workshop date for tuition to be refunded*. If you are unable to attend your workshop, please contact Annalise Gratovich at anna@flatbedpress.com or (512) 477 - 9328.

* For the September visiting artist workshop with Jenny Robinson, notification of withdrawal must be given four weeks in advance for a full refund to be processed.


What happens if my class is cancelled?

If a course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, it may be cancelled. Students signed up for a cancelled course will be notified 1 week prior to course date, and may choose between a payment refund or attending another course from the schedule. Students may have the option of scheduling an individual tutorial in the technique requested, depending on instructor availability.


I can't attend my workshop of choice on it's scheduled date, or would like instruction in a technique not offered this semester. How can I schedule an individual tutorial?

Individual tutorials are available for most techniques covered in our class schedule, as well as additional printmaking methods. Tutorial requests may be made by contacting anna@flatbedpress.com. Students will receive one-on-one instruction in their medium of choice with one of our available instructors. Upon submitting a request, Flatbed will work with you and our instructors to schedule a date and time for the tutorial. A 2-hour tutorial is generally $125 plus material costs if applicable. A 4-hour tutorial is generally $250 plus materials.


I would like to continue working at Flatbed after my workshop - is the shop available for open studio time?

Studio time, with a print assistant present, may be purchased from Flatbed. Please contact anna@flatbedpress.com to check studio availability and rates.


Can I teach at Flatbed?

Flatbed is always interested in incorporating new workshops into our course schedule. If you would like to teach a course, please contact anna@flatbedpress.com with your information and a short description of the process you'd like to teach.


How can I receive updates about Flatbed's Classes?

To receive exclusive email updates on our workshops, please email anna@flatbedpress.com to sign up for our classes email list. Updates are also posted to Flatbed's facebook page.

Still have questions? Contact anna@flatbedpress.com.