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Advanced Intaglio: Etching and Printing Techniques | August 4 -5

Advanced Intaglio: Etching and Printing Techniques | August 4 -5

Flatbed Press

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August 4 - 5, 2018 | 10am - 4pm 

taught by
Alfonso Huerta

Expand upon the knowledge learned in Intro to Etching with our Advanced Intaglio workshop! Learn different etching techniques like step-bit rosin aquatint and advanced printing techniques like color inking and chine collé. From plate preparation to image making and printing, Alfonso will work with class participants to explore advanced intaglio techniques. You may even bring back your plate from Intro to Etching to further develop the image! Also suitable for experienced printmakers who need a refresher on plate development processes and printing techniques. 

Tuition is $200. Printmaking rag paper will be available for purchase from Flatbed Press during the workshop. Students are also encouraged to purchase paper before the workshop if desired; further information will be included in the syllabus. Materials fees for this workshop average $20 . 

Minimum enrollment: 4 | Maximum enrollment: 6