IL SOLE - Italian Intensive Workshop Residency – Experimental Printmaking, Drawing and Collage Using the Sun

IL SOLE - Italian Intensive Workshop Residency – Experimental Printmaking, Drawing and Collage Using the Sun

Flatbed Press

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August 25, 2019 - September 4, 2019

Tuition: $3300 due 60 days before start of workshop. A $500 deposit will secure your place. 

Co-taught by
Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff

Join Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff for their fourth Italian Intensive Workshop and explore new and innovative strategies for combining printmaking, drawing, and collage to be held in 2019 at La Romita School of Art located near Terni, Italy.

Solar Plate etching uses prepared, light-sensitive polymer plates, sunlight and water to create images that can be printed using intaglio or relief techniques. This safe, non-toxic process allows us to explore printmaking as an extension of drawing. Drawing on frosted mylar for the portable solar plates gives the artist the immediacy and vitality of working beyond the studio – from the gardens of La Romita to the beautiful Umbrian hill towns we’ll be visiting.

More magic happens in the print studio. Using water-based inks on the solar finished plates, we can produce everything from editioned prints to unique monoprint images that incorporate collage and layered drawing.

The residency/workshop format of the class will allow students to work at their own level in developing images and process. Students with little or no experience will feel comfortable in this course and more experienced students will continue to build on their skills and knowledge.

With their combined expertise in printmaking and drawing and their years of experience in printmaking collaborations and team teaching Katherine and Suzi will provide each student with individual attention, creative inspiration and challenges.

As always, La Romita is to newcomers and returning artists like the bit of heaven that it is: a peaceful place to work and play, rich encounters with art and the town residents while daily exploring the hill country towns of Umbria, and of course, the food.  La Romita is a "foodie" paradise with home-style Italian cooking that is anything but ordinary.   All meals, housing and transportation are provided to the residency/workshop participants.  Find out more about La Romita School of Art here:  LA ROMITA SCHOOL OF ART.   La Romita also offers scholarship opportunities.  Find out more about these opportunities here:  Scholarship

Five hundred dollars will reserve  your space in Il Sole.  Payments can be made during the year, but a the final payment toward a total of $3,300 is due 60 days before the beginning of the workshop (June 26, 2019).  Your deposit and other payments are 100% refundable until June 26, 2019.  Call Katherine at Flatbed Press to register and hold your place.  A $500 deposit will secure your place in the workshop. 

Minimum enrollment: 14 | Maximum enrollment: 16